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Can i copy an idea for my gig?

Hey guys i really like Franks gig( he’s a top rated seller and a fiver pro) i like his idea of providing 38 sec promo video for all his packages(basic, standard and premium) and if someone wants more than 38 sec it will be a custom package. Now the question is if i use his 38 sec video idea will it be considered as theft? (because i don’t want to steal anything from anyone i just like his idea and i really want to do it on my gig) or is it okay if i upload my own 38 sec video on my gig and use his idea of keeping the same video runtime for all of my packages?
(i hope frank see this and reply , i’ve seen him alot on community forum)

So long as each video is your own work then there shouldn’t be a problem with Fiverr.

At the end of the day, very few ideas in business are genuinely new and it’s very common for good ideas to be ‘borrowed’ and adapted by others.

The problems occur when people steal ideas or copy work so closely that it could be passed off as the original seller’s creation - rather than something distinctive and unique.

There is also the moral argument to consider - but it is clear from your post that you are already across this!


Thanks mate, appreciate your reply :grinning: