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Can I create 2 accounts using the same email and national Id?

Can I create 2 accounts using the same email and national Id? Will there be any problems if I make it? Please suggest anyone.

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Sure, why not

If you don’t actually read the Terms Of Service and therefore don’t mind having your account banned, go for it.

Why would you ever want to do this? It just screams dodgy.



Brother, I want to deactive this account then I creat a new account. Would it make sense? Please tell me…

From reading and commenting on your other thread, it seems you want to delete your account simply because you have a 6 hour average response time.

Utter nonsense.

Response time is the most easily rectified profile stat, unlike poor reviews, late deliveries, or cancelled orders. Spend your effort on improving your profile and gigs instead of leap-frogging to a new account due to a rather trivial reason.

An analogy of what you want to do would be a doctor wanting to perform euthanasia on a patient who merely stubbed their toe.


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Make a post in the “Improve my Gig” forum subcategory and hopefully incredibly kind and generous individuals will analyze your gigs for you.

Or go ahead and read the Fiverr Terms of Service like all sellers are assumed to have read and understood, then search the forum for helpful insight from established sellers and make the changes to your profile yourself.

I know which choice is ultimately the better option, but also know which choice is the more popular and easy option…

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Ok, thanks friend for you valuable information.