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Can i create 2 accounts With 1 IP

Hello everyone? I am from Bangladesh. I have a question that I have a Fiverr account in my PC.i I have a laptop also. I want to create another account for my wife. My wife also a it possible to create more accounts with 1 IP? is there any restriction in Fiverr? please give me a solution


You can create your wife’s gig on your profile. Don’t create new account because 2 accounts from same IP is against the rules of the fiverr.

That’s not true. One account per person, there’s no rule against IP sharing.


@visualstudios actually @officialrajat is very right… Creating another account for his wife on the same laptop may get him banned, because Fiverr might know the account is for the wife.

@monirhossain760 I will advise you get your wife a new computer for her Fiverr account… Don’t open new account for her on your own laptop… create new profile for her on a new computer…

No, he he’s not very right. There are no rules against sharing IP.

Now, he should naturally contact CS and let them know. When you create a new account, you need to confirm your identity. If you have two people, with confirmed identity (ID, different PayPal, etc.), it is absolutely fine.

Btw, if you are using the same internet connection for multiple devices in your home, every device will have the same external IP address anyway.


i use my pc.i have a laptop.i want i only use my pc and she will use her laptop creating a new account with 1 IP

I know Accounts that has been banned on the basis of using same laptop for multiple accounts…

Contact CS and let them know. There is no rule against that, and there is no rule against using the same computer, even. The thing is they may suspect both accounts belong to the same person, that’s where the problem lies. But if you contact them and explain, and if the accounts are registered to different people with ID confirmation, it’s fine.

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Sure. That doesn’t mean that’s the rule. There’s no rule against that, only rules against more than one account per person. If you can prove the accounts are for different people, there’s no problem. Now, if you have multiple accounts on a computer both connected to the same payment method, or without ID confirmation, for example, of course you will get banned.

I will be glad if you can contact CS on this, so that there will not be difficulties in future.

Alright… If that’s right… you can go ahead…but I still insist he contact CS for clear understanding…

we will use different laptops not same laptops

That doesn’t make any difference in terms of IP or multiple accounts. It would be trivial for one person to have multiple laptops, and it’s still forbidden. What matters here is that there will be two people working, each on their own account.

TOS are very clear that it’s 1 account per person. It does not state from the same I.P. address and as @visualstudios has already pointed out, if it’s two different people with confirmed identities there should be no issues whatsoever. Me and my partner have separate accounts using the same external I.P. we haven’t come across an issue.

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i am very afraid of that .it is very expensive for using 2 IP .that is why i wanted to use another accounts with separate computer

Back when my son considered joining Fiverr (same IP), I was told that two people, two accounts was no problem as long as the people offered different services. Two people in one house offering the same services might seem more suspicious?


Let me clear this issue:

  1. Many person can use the same internet(IP) by their separate computer. But they must need to offer different services.

  2. Two or more people can’t offer same service by using the same IP. Though they use their different computer.

So the service is the main point here. Both you have to offer different services by using same IP. IP is not a problem.

Now have you understood?


Is this in the terms of service?

From what I have read on the Forum, the issue is that CS does not let you offer the same service. Also, they want you to inform them when you open a new account with the same IP.

It is best to contact CS and get there permission to be safe, whatever you do.