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Can I create 2 gigs in 1 category?

can i have 2 gigs in 1 category ?
like i already have a gig " product marketing video ad or sales promo for social media"
but i also want a gig “short video ad for facebook”
so can i have that one too ?


WellI think it’s not a problem, I have to different gig’s in the same types of category. They are different kinds if services.

You could also edit the first gg to have various tears.

  1. short videos ad etc
  2. normal gig
  3. Bespoke service

They can have different parameters and prices.

Best of luck :crossed_fingers:

ok thanks, and i see people checking on their gig views, but i only see impressions, clicks, orders but not views. is this an error ?

Nope! That’s not an error. Views actually isn’t one of the categories. There’s only impressions, clicks, and orders!

how ? ive seen videos of it people showing gigs impressions and views.
but it was old videos like 2019 and early 2020.
are you old on fiverr ?

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I’m pretty new to Fiverr. I joined August 2020.

you can check old videos they have views option for their gigs. have you got your first order yet ?

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Oh I must have been wrong about the views! Sorry about that! Yep I’ve received 18 orders!

so we’re on the same page. im curious why views option isnt up there for me :confused:

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Views isn’t showing at present.

Also, you can create more than one gig in the same category.

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