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Can i create 8 custom offers for the same buyer at the same time?

Hello experts😬
I am a graphic designer and video editor, selling on fiverr in short lol. I have client, i am editing 2 videos for her every week. But she sends me the video on specific day and i have to deliver it on specific day, means i can’t deliver it on same day, it has to be on different days.

Now, the problem is, my client wants to pay me once a month, either in start of the month or at the end, because she gets paid monthly… so she want to pay me monthly instead of paying 8 (2 per week= 8 per month) times in a month. I don’t think it’s possible on fiverr…?

Now i think if i create 8 custom offers for her at the same time with 30 days delivery time, then it would be possible for her to pay at once for all the 8 videos. And i will be able to deliver on eight different days.

Now the main question is: can i create 8 custom offers for the same buyer at the same time? And she can accept all the 8 offers at the same time?
Is this legal on fiverr?
Thank you


Sounds odd but the solution is Milestones.

The client still needs to fund each Milestone before you (should) start but this lets you put many small parts inside one larger job.

I will wonder at any client who expects work delivered without pay. I bet they don’t send product out the door with no payment so why expect it of someone else?

Can they not wait a month until they are fully funded then everyone is fully backed & honored?



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This might sound harsh, but it’s not your job to work around their budget. I appreciate your willingness to find the best method of serving them, but, like stated in the previous post, it sounds like your buyer needs to plan their budget better.


No no, She wants to pay in advance. And when i say i will create 8 custom offers for her at once, it means she will pay for it at the same time. (You know when you are accepting an offer on fiverr means you are paying/depositing money). So, for her, it is paying in the beginning of the month for all the 8 videos at once instead of paying 8 times on different days of the month…

Also, please explain about the milestones, how it works? I can’t find “milestone” option while creating a custom offer.
Thank you

You can do this, but as @benedictrm has said, milestones are the way forward.

If you choose to create bulk custom offers, there is a risk that your buyer might accidentally (or deliberately!) accept them all in one go - exposing you to the risk of multiple late deliveries that will effectively destroy your completion stats.

As a seller, you have to retain as much control over your account and outcomes as possible. Don’t place the responsibility into the hands of your buyer.


Okay. So that’s the only solution to this problem? Sorry😬 and how is this harsh if i want to sell my gig/service 8 times to the same person at once?
Thanks for the response.

Yes you are right. But each custom offer would have different deadline/delivery time. And i am working with this client for more than two months, she is reliable. If that’s the only reason like delivering late etc. Then that won’t be a problem for me.
I just want to know if it’s against the FIVERR TOC or not? (Creating 8 custom offers for the same buyer at once).

And can you please explain how Milestones works on fiverr? I am using mobile app right now, that’s why i can’t find the milestone option, i guess…? I have used that option on other freelancing sites though. But can’t find this option while creating a custom offer using fiverr mobile app. May its available only for pc…
Thank you

There are more experienced sellers in this thread giving advice so I’ll defer to them ultimately but I would say do it:

Create 8 custom gigs. 30 day delivery. Deliver them when they’re ready within 30 days. You’re happy and the buyer is happy. It’ll also potentially give you 8 ratings (you gotta play the fiver game, this is why I don’t like milestones).


You make a good point about the eight feedback ratings and playing the game.

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When creating a custom offer you can specify a delivery date up to 30 days in advance. So it is possible. I don’t know of anything in the terms of service that states you can’t make multiple custom offers.

@williambryan392 makes a very valid point about the potential for receiving eight positive ratings. However, should things go wrong, you also have the potential for eight cancellations or poor feedback ratings. At the end of the day, it is your decision.

As for milestones, it is basically a way to neatly wrap up multiple orders within one order. Unlike multiple orders, you receive one feedback rating, but should things go wrong - only one cancelation or low feedback rating. You agree a series of steps and payments with your buyer, and as you complete each step, the buyer signs it off - enabling you to progress to the next step.

The following is from the TOS: A milestone (in an Order with milestones) is marked as Complete after it is delivered by the Seller and then accepted by the Team Member who placed the Order or by another representative of the Client. A milestone will be automatically marked as complete if no acceptance or request for modification were submitted within 8 days after marked as Delivered, however, in such case the Order will be stopped and all further milestones will not start. Once a milestone is delivered and accepted by Client, Client may choose to either continue with the Order and pay for the next milestone, or to stop the Order. If Client does not pay for the next milestone within 10 days of acceptance of previous milestones, the order of the next milestone will not start. Please note that if you choose to stop the Order, the current ordered milestone will not be cancelled.

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Okay i will discuss with my client about milestones and also the custom offers…
Thank you so much everyone, i really appreciate your help.

I meant my words might seem harsh, not your wish to serve your buyer.

The information you gave in your second post, about them being willing to pay in advance, was missing in your first post and changes the situation.

More on milestones, from the Fiverr help center:

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create 8 custom offers means creating 8 new orders. so your buyer need to pay for each order. each order will includes service cost and tax in some countries. creating 8 orders is legal if you offer different video editing each time. which means different gig.if you editing same longer video i think its best to go with milestone.

thank you

Okay thank you. Yes it was missing in my first post but creating 8 offers and then accepting by the buyer means Paying in advance. Because you know Fiverr won’t let you accept the offer if you are not depositing/paying money…:slightly_smiling_face: i won’t get the money in advance but fiverr will…

I think i will go with creating 8 custom offers because i got a response from the help and support team. They agreed with me on creating 8 custom offers. They also said not to deliver the 7 videos in message box and only the final video as the delivery… because you won’t have watermark or anything in ur hand if u deliver it through inbox…

But anyway, Thank you for your help, i will check the link.

Ok thank you for your response. Yes you are right and it is also fine if you create multiple custom offers from the same gig.

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