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Can I create a gig for marketing that isn't digital?

I would like to create a gig like I’ll put an advertisement on my car or something like that but there doesn’t seem to be a category for that? Is this kind of gig now allowed or how would I set this up?

Even if you created a gig like that, it is unlikely you would get any buyers at all. You could do a gig under “other” or maybe flyers, but people on Fiverr aren’t typically looking to reach a small market - they want to market to very high numbers of people online. They would also have no way to be sure you actually completed the gig. Sure, you could send them a picture of what looked like your car wrapped in their ads, but that is not really proof at all. I doubt there is a rule against a gig like that if you handle everything through Fiverr, I just can’t imagine anyone ever paying $5 or more for a local ad.