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Can I create a new account using same laptop and same IP address? [ANSWERED]

I deactivate my first fiverr account.Can I create a new account using same laptop and same IP address?or will they banned my account if i used same laptop and same IP address

I think If you deactivate your account then they will not ban your new fiverr account :slight_smile:

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Your account looks active to me.

If you wish to deactivate it and then create a new one, it’s best to contact Customer Support first and ask them for advice.

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no this is my new account i deactivated my previous account

So, why do you ask if you can create a new account, when you have already created one?

Anyway, it’s still a good idea to contact Customer Support and tell them about it, so they don’t think that you’re trying to break the rules.

Why does your profile state that you’re in the United States, when your time zone shows India or Sri Lanka?

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i don’t know why is that i tried to change my country but there is no option to do it,please tell me if there is a way to change it.i search it in forum there are so many topics about changing country but no one knows how to do it

If you’re using a VPN, stop doing it.

If not, contact Customer Support, and ask them for help.


ok thank you very much

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