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Can I create an account for my brother in this computer?


We have 1 computer, Nowadays my brother increase her knowledge to online work. Can I create double accounts for my brother but we have one computer.

Please suggest all Fiverr expert. I am a new seller so we are always want to your help.



I don’t believe you can do that. I would reach out to Fiverr support and clarify just to be sure!



Yes, your brother can create another account but make sure you both don’t provide the same kind of services and both are using different payment details.


Yes you can make account but your service should be totally different if fiverr found the service same they will block your account


You should have only 1 account in an Ip.
But sometimes fiverr allow if you have multiple account but the gig category are completely different


You need to offer different services and have different payment accounts.


I think you probably can, but you’d need to speak to Fiverr support about it first so they know about it and have given their permission before doing it (otherwise you could get your account in trouble if they didn’t know and authorise it first). Also I think you’d need to set up a different Windows/operating system account for them first too. I agree also about the requirement to set different payment details for the different accounts.


If your brother can’t even get it together enough to create his own account but has to have you do it for him, he doesn’t sound like he is going to be successful.

You need to ask customer support about this. And he can’t have the same payment account as you have. Or the same type of gigs.