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Can I create another fiverr account if I want to provide other niche related service?

Hello everyone,

I know it is against Fiverr TOS to manage multiple Fiverr accounts but I have a question. I currently provide blockchain development services - my nickname is very niche related (aka blockchainguru). I’ve been working on Fiverr for almost 2 years with more than 300 orders completed so I want to keep my service rolling…

Now what if i want to start offering services in other niches? For example, I am also a musician and would like to offer music related services. So I don’t really want to create music gigs with my blockchain related account. How to handle this?



You can stick to the rules and create additional services within the account you have, or you can violate the rules and get all of your accounts permanently banned. That’s pretty much it.


Fiverr does not support having multiple accounts. So you can give this service through your one account.

It’s Fiverr, not Fever. And this is the second time I’ve seen you just repeat what the poster before you said. What do you hope to accomplish by repeating someone else’s words, without providing any new information?

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