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Can i create another ID if i ever get banned from fiverr?


Hey there, I am a seller from fiver, i had a question in mind. can I ever recreate a fiverr id if my id gets disabled?


If Fiverr bans you permission is required from Customer Support before you open another account.

The best plan is to follow the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page so you don’t get banned.


If i fail to get these requirements. then?


Not a great advice.

You can’t open a new account if your account is banned/suspended. You must get in touch with CS and ask for their permission to create a new account.

Basically what @musfakur told you is how to avoid getting banned again if you decide to create a new account without fiverr’s permission. There aren’t any “conditions”. Even if you do everything that he mentioned, fiverr might find out and ban/suspend the account again.

As @lloydsolutions suggested,

Wondering why you even asked this question in the first place? :thinking:


Actually my friend just got banned from fiverr


Asking for a friend…(that never gets old)…Tell your friend to reach out to CS before doing anything.


thanks, that will help for sure