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Can i create female voice over gig, as i'm a graphic designer and male?

Can i create female voice over gig, as I’m a graphic designer and male I will hire a female voice over artist for it, is it okay ?

In my opinion, it’s okay totally. If you want to be honest to your future customers, you should consider telling them the fact it won’t be your voice as you’re male.


Hmmmm okay, thank you for your feedback

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Just keep in mind that your goal is to make a profit. If you hire a woman to fulfill the female voice over orders that YOU get, you’re likely going to have to pay her, which means you are losing money from the buyer’s purchase price in order to make that happen. You would have to raise your prices by the same amount that you agree to pay the woman, in order to make up for the cost she earns by doing the work you offer to your buyers within your gig. Otherwise, you’re losing money on every order.


Yes, you are right. I will change my mind. Thank you for Guiding :slight_smile: