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Can I create many gigs on the same Sub-Category?

Can anyone help me on that? How many gigs I can create on the same sub-category.
I want to make gigs in the same sub-category targeting different niche like

keyword research for Amazon
keyword research for Youtube

Thank You

Hey @immdpial ,
I think It’s have not Problem :smirk:

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I agree it’s not a problem if you don’t do over two gigs per keyword. The gigs can all be in the same category though no problem.

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Yes you are allowed to do that. I suggest to follow the other seller on that category


Thank you @misscrystal for always giving your opinions in my topics & post. :relaxed:

May be i think we are we cannot create but when the evaluation start and did not get promoted then they highlighted some points that why we are no promoted so they send us message about level…
So this one is the second part look it,
I am really confused with this one line so i think we cannot create more than one gig for same category,
This is the second line from the fiverr,

  1. Make sure you offer only one Gig per unique service. Duplicating your Gig is misleading and won’t benefit your business.

But i have seen that many top ratted seller has more than one give may three or four from same sub category,

May be some one expert can clear this to us,


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It means that you should only create one gig per specific service. For example, you shouldn’t create a gig for a great logo, another gig for a superb logo, another gig for an awesome logo, and so on. However, it’s perfectly fine to create one gig for a vintage logo, another gig for a modern logo, and another one for a signature logo.

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Ok if i create two or three gigs from Graphics sub Category like Vector tracing ,so i have a gig like
Trace hand drawn signature,
Redraw logo from T shirt, Product and Photo,
the third one is,
Professionally Vectorize,Convert, Trace, Redraw Logo,

so do you thing it is fine or not,


What is the difference between


Both seem to be about redrawing logos.

I show you a little difference,
If there is a sign board or product you can take photo of it and we redraw logo from scratch so we can’t trace it directly because the logo may be not proportional or may be angle etc,

if a logo is based on web etc then we can directly trace it because they directly send to use so they have not angle nor skewed etc they proportional so we can trace it easily,


It might be a good idea to ask Customer Support about it (and save the screenshot of their answer, just in case).

Hi do you have any idea if I make two gigs in Excel but for different areas?
Ex: one for Data Entry another for Data analysis and functions in excel

and similarly In same sub category Programming & Tech Visualize (sub category)
2 gigs -> one for Excel another for Google Data Studio??
Really appreciate support on this