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Can I create more than 1 Fiverr a/c? [Resolved}


Hi there,
So I was wondering is there anything wrong in making more than one account on Fiverr? The reason this question hit my mind is because I was thinking of making two separate profile for different works, lets say one for writing and one for website developing (As I’m good in both the things :wink: ) but perhaps Fiverr doesn’t allow us to use multiple profiles from the same domain… Also IMO making two different profiles is advantageous as the buyer wouldn’t have any second thoughts in considering me as the whole profile will be based on their niche.

So do let me know what are your thoughts about this.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Disclaimer:- I personally don’t use multiple account… its just a thought. lol


No, you can’t. Only one account per user and per payment method is allowed on Fiverr.


Make sure you read ToS though, it’s clearly written there.


You can offer both service under one account.
Fiverr algorithm will depend on how your gig appear on search when buyer look for it.

But don’t ever make more than 1 account.
It is forbidden by fiverr.

Use your 1 account to serve as many service you can, it’s okay as long as you don’t have multiple account.


Creating more than one account would get you permanently banned (all of your accounts). Fiverr’s Terms of Service strictly forbid it (and, since you have accepted the terms by signing up and using Fiverr, not reading them wouldn’t be a valid excuse when you get caught).

Read the ToS, so you can avoid getting into trouble. :slight_smile:


No, you can’t open multiple account on fiverr but you are allowed to provide different services under one account. So, I don’t think using or opening 2nd account is really needed.

Thanks much


So dont. Try to think about multiple account otherwise your account. Will be restricted permenantly