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Can i create more than gig at same subcategory?

Hello Friends!

Can I create more than 1 gigs at same subcategory?
Suppose I am providing WordPress Customization service so can I create another gig for WordPress Customization.

Thanks in advance

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You can as long as there are clear differences in the services that you are providing in both the gigs. Otherwise it won’t make sense. I have separate gigs for general illustrations and patterns, they are similar service but different output. Also for 3d renders and architectural design. They are similar outputs but the service is different.


Please make sure that you’re not simply duplicating a gig because that is against fiverr policies

New members are only allowed 7 gigs to begin with, I have found out. So, the strategy will always be our service must be unique to buyers, not like those selling the same stuff at rock bottom prices.