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Can I create multiple gigs from one account?

Hi, my name is Ansar, New on fiver. I’m graphic designer, I create social media banners/covers etc. All i need to ask is that, can i create a gig in different category, as i mentioned i am graphic designer and i do all designing stuff but can i create gigs of Voice Over, Transcription, Social media marketing and others because i have skill in other categories too. And is their will be any problem with my fiver bio, where i mentioned that i am graphic designer only. And is this possible, as a male, to create a voice over gig of female. Because i can provide them.

Your reply will be appreciated, Thanks :slight_smile:

Ansar khan

Yes, I have done multiple and if you are good at manipulating the voices you should be able to.

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Okay sure, And by the way, i will hire a female voice artist for it.

Thank you so much for helping, appreciated :blush:

Please I need more people to talk about it, its okay or not to create multiple gigs ?