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Can i create multiple gigs on same category?

hey, i will do profitable autocad 2d drawings and floor plans for you. i created my first gig in graphic and designing category.sub category is architectural and interior my service is 2d drawings and floor plan.So here i ask about can i create another gig on same category and sub category? is it agree with fiverr rules?
gig :

Anyone can create multiple gigs in the same category or subcategory as long as each gig is for a different service. No duplicate gigs are allowed.

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@uk1000 so are you said no problem about category and sub category same?

Yes, no problem, as long as they are all different services you are offering in those categories/subcategories.

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@uk1000 is any issue about i select same service type on each gigs?

If it seems like the same service it could be against the TOS and get flagged.
eg. if you said “I’ll create a great logo” and “I’ll create an excellent logo” they’re probably against the TOS because they’re too similar so they could get flagged.

Some people said they wanted to just reword the same gig/service (have mutliple gigs for the exact same service but a reworded title etc.) so they’d be found better. That would be against the rules.


@uk1000 so if i will create another gig but diffrent gig title use for same service, any problem will not happen? am i right?

If it’s the exact same service (no differences), your gig will likely be denied at some point. It’s not worth doing. I’m not sure if you could get a warning but i’ts not worth the risk. If you’re offering something different enough in it it would be okay eg. two gigs, each for a very different style of logo.

Just check the terms of service page to be sure.

@uk1000 thank you very much

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Hi @uk1000
What if I created the second gig under the same category and sub category but offering something more specific from the first gig.

Let’s say the first gig I offer people to teach how to make a hamburger, and the second gig, I offer people to teach how to make a delicious hamburger sauce only.

will it against rules?

Possibly it might be okay but you’re probably best checking with CS I think. It would likely be okay if you don’t teach how to make the sauce in the “make a hamburger” gig (you assume the sauce is pre-made or say that if they want to be taught that they can use the other gig).

You might be able to do both in one gig with packages/extras.

thanks for your insight.

even if I have two similar gig, but only one is active. it is fine, right?

so before I publish the new one, I deactivate the old one. I am not getting any trouble with this action, right?

They can be similar services but not the same service. eg. You can have one retro logos and one for modern logos (each gig a different style of logo logo design).

If they were too similar (eg. a reworded version of the same service) I don’t know what they’d do if one was paused. It would be safer to make sure all gigs are for clearly different services.

Hi @uk1000 can I ask you a favor, does this two looks the same for you?
Gig title
1st: I will be your video editor for Facebook ads
2nd: I will make your video ads generating more watch time
Gig offers
1st: edit your video
2nd: pinpoint the fixable element found on the video and edit it if they want (for different packages)

thanks a lot

They sound similar. If you’re performing different services in each it’s probably okay. You could contact CS to be sure. I think it would be best to ask them if you’re unsure.

okay then, thanks for your help

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