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Can I create multiple gigs with same niche

can I create multiple gigs with the same niche something like this :blush:

1- I will create a minimalist logo design (Style * Flat/Minimalist)

2- I will create a 3D business logo design (Style * 3D)

3- I will design Real Estate business logo (Style * Versatile)



You should be able to do that because you’re offering different services. I think you could probably combine the 3D business logo and the real estate logos because they are very similar. You could probably add a gig extra for the 3d logo or something like that. If you’re delivering a different product, you should be good.


Thank you for reply…

I am just confused because for one gig we can only select one style of logo.

I have searched same niche profiles and got that they are offering logo design with different style and with different gigs

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The different gigs for different styles is a good idea. It allows you to be a “logo design” pro but you can use the different gigs/styles to target different keywords in the search. So if someone searching for logos you may come up, but if they search real estate logos, and you have a real estate logo gig, optimized for that keyword, you’ll almost definitely come up. Having some super specific gigs can help you quite a bit!


Yes! You can create different gigs on same niche but gigs title will be different
like:- Logo Design, 3D logo Designing etc
Compare your gigs titles with other offering service
Searching Keywords is very important
i hope you are understanding …


Thank you for your reply, Yea I got it