Can I create two account in same PC?


Hi, I am Sakil. I havea one Fiverr account on my pc. Last I was working 2 years ago from this account. But after 2 years again I wanted to start working at Fiverr. So At this moment what I do

  1. Delete this old account and create a new account at this same PC or
  2. Will I try from this account?


You’re allowed to have only one account.

If you already have an account and don’t want to use it anymore, you should delete it and only then create a new one.

Is there a reason why you don’t want to use your old account anymore?


Please contact fiverr CS regarding this. Keeping two accounts totally violates Fiverr Terms. I think best way using exiting one, best way to start again.


Having two accounts on same IP is biggest violation or Fiverr TOS. Try to build your old one or delte it before creating a new one.


If your old account is okay and issue free then you can work again on that…


But how can we work on multiple users in a office on same internate broadband connection so in this way ip will be same, so how can we work multiple user account on same ip


Before creating those accounts, contact Customer Support, and ask them for permission and advice how to do it.


Because last 2+ years ago I did work. Now I do not get any job.


But I do not get any jobs.


Making a new account doesn’t get you jobs. And with the old account buyers will see that you’re not new on Fiverr :wink:


Try to work on your old account don’t make new account since old account is good this shows you have experience about your service buyer also check this.


In that case contact CS


You responded to the wrong person. :slight_smile: