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Can I Create Two More Accounts Of Fiverr?


Hello my friends!!! How are you ?

Here, I need to know that can I have Three Accounts of Fiverr for my other different services.

I am a professional multimedia expert and producing large scale of marketing videos but I noticed that I can only displayed 20 Gigs while I’m having more than 1000 verities of the products that i need to display here on fiverr sothat my customer can review it for buy my product.

Please can anyone tell me does it will block me if i will create multiple account for my products ?

Thank you so much in advance!!!

Best Regards,


Sheriff’s Note: Please refer to the Fiverr FAQ for information on this topic. This thread is now closed. You may be interested in this post:


Unfortunately fiverr won’t allow you for having more then one account.

You have to manage all your services through 20 gig limit. If you create more accounts, you will risk getting suspended on fiverr. So it is best to manage only 1 account and provide best services in 20 gig slots.



I think you should ask them about that. Mail the support and explain your problem. They may be willing to let you have another account. Actually, are you absolutely sure you can handle more than 20 gigs by yourself? I think, that this is the reason for the limit. If you work with someone else, you can just tell him/her to make their own account…

Also I think it will be not very good idea to split gigs in different accounts. I mean, the ranking on one successful gig will not affect the other accounts. So you will lose some advantages…


Sure, lots of us would love to create a few accounts, sell more stuff, right? I would love to create a gig for each type of little stuffed animal I make (about 35 to 40), plus show each of my other types of items in every color or variation. And having lots of gigs would get my work under more eyeballs, too, right?

Nope. Not fair. And Fiverr probably has lots of other reasons to not allow it, too.

It can be entertaining sometimes, though, such as recently when someone who obviously had 3 accounts started a new forum thread as a “buyer” (himself) who wanted to share his wonderful experience with a “seller” (also himself). Then, the first comment was from another “random person” (also himself!) saying how nice the “buyer” was to share this fabulous story with the world, followed immediately by a comment from the vaunted “seller” (yeah, him again) modestly thanking everyone for their kind words. And to really boost his spirits, he “liked” every one of his posts from every one of the accounts!

It was truly inspirational~

L-) $-) L-)


I’ve seen sellers with 30 gigs, although they were Top Rated.


Reply to @typingservice: Really? I’d never looked. If you read either the TOS or the Levels, can’t recall which, page, it does imply that there are other (not listed here) advantages to being a TRS. That must be one of them.


Reply to @typingservice: Top Rated Sellers have 30 gig limit.



Nope, this is the reason why a lot of people get banned on Fiverr. I see them getting frustrated about being banned all of a sudden, but if you look in their previous discussions they talk about having multiple accounts selling the same or very similar services. If you really think it’s necessary contact Fiverr Customer Service to see if you can get approval. I have seen family members get approval, if you have another person working on other gigs entirely it may be possible to get approved and open another account. Even TRS though don’t have multiple accounts.

Why not try focusing on an individual gig that you can make in a way to attach all the varieties of different ways you can do that gig. For example with your Intros. You could make one super popular intro, and in it you can attach all the samples of all the other types you can offer. Then when someone buys it can be as simple as saying, "state which one you wanted me to do"

See what I am getting at? Best of luck.


Reply to @kjblynx: I reckon it is like that! I have had my succesful gigs, but luckily I can still handle them. For now I offer only two gigs. See where that gets me :slight_smile:


I tried to contact them, they tell me that you can only make one accout…!