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Can i deactivate my account and create new one?

Everyone, how are you? I need a suggestion I was seller two in fiver. My first-time Fiverr journey was really good. When I get the seller 2 labels then after my gig falling ranking down. I trying really hard to rank my gig or increase my gig impression but it’s not working anymore.

I already contact support but no good result for me. I know it depends on my gig performance. I already change my all gig information preview images, gig title, description meta tags everything but not working.

But the interesting thing is my friend has a Fiverr account and he was new so I helped him to create a gig and now his gig performance is really good!!

So I suffer this king of problem 1.5 years already but no improve my gig impression or ranking. So please anybody give me a suggestion can I remove this old account and create new one? or what can I do now please anybody suggests to me it will be really helpful for me.

Note: I have 105 Reviews and in my Fiverr account.

Thank you

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How new is your friend? All new account get a temporary boost, but it doesn’t last. Having longevity is probably better.

Thank you so much :slight_smile: