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Can I deactivate one account and create a new account using same laptop and same IP address?

I have deactivated my previous Fiverr account and create a new account using the same laptop and IP address recently. And I have completed 9 orders with a five-star review in my new account. I am worried about my account, How can I save my account from banned? Is it safe?
please help me…

No worries, Install a new window in your laptop :cd:

This is an easy solution because I have faced the same situation in the past !!!

your account safe now?

Yes safe ( Alhamdulillah )

If i install a new window in my laptop, then my account will be safe. are you sure about that, brother?

Yeah bro :100:% sure as I mentioned in the above message, I’ve already faced the same situation in the past.

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Thank you so much, best wishes for you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Yeah you can,but first you have to make sure your first account was deactive sucessfuli,if your first account deactive sucessfully then you can create a new account.Best of luck

How can I check my previous account was deactivate successfully? Is there any way to find out?

Fist go to settings chocces a reason ‘‘i have a another active account’’ then click on deactive button.that’s all.i hope now you can do it.

Yes you can. But make sure that your previous account is successfully deactivated. After that in your browser clean cache and cookies. Then create a new account with new email address and phone number. Don’t use previous email or phone numbers

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You deactive your old fiverr account so the new one is safe.
There is no Problem. Try to use one Fiverr id one pc. then your account is safe.

There is no necessary to give windows because new window don’t change your mac IP. its not helpful.


Is any issue after deactivating the first account. Use the first account Payoneer in the second account.

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clean the history from browser then create new one

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There is no issue for deactiving your first account. One Fiverr account One payoneer account.
if you have already add your old fiverr account with payoneer. then remove it from payoneer. Add the new one.

you can contact with Payoneer live chat for further information.
Thank you


Thank you so much :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have not remove payoneer account nut directly deactivate fiverr account

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Why would you create a new account?


Not getting orders that`s why

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Why not create better gigs on the current account? Why not promote your gigs online? Why not study the competitors? Creating a new account seems more like giving up, and it’s not the right attitude if you want to reach success on Fiverr. At least that’s my opinion. Feel free to do whatever you want, of course :slight_smile: