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Can I delay posting a review?


I often order for SEO gigs and the results often take up to a month or even longer to be seen, and yet many of the sellers deliver in a few days, even before the results can be seen.

Of course I have no problem approving a good workdone… but I have a problem posting a review when I haven’t seen the result of the workdone.

So my question is… can I delay posting the review? And for how long…?

Thank you

  • Users are allowed to leave reviews on Orders up to 10 days after an Order is marked as complete. No new reviews may be added to an Order after 10 days.

The above is from the Terms of Service at the bottom of the Fiverr main page.


You can only review your order based on whatever the seller stated in their gig description, which they need to fulfill for the order to be classed as completed and delivered.

If you wish to review a gig based on results, you need to pick a seller whose delivery time is long enough for you to do that.


My problem is not the delivery period… I think the sellers often want to be able to access their funds as soon as possible… and that makes sense.

I am interested in this because as it stands… I bought an SEO gig ( and I buy a lot of em for my design agency) about 3 months ago… The seller delivered in about a week with zero proof of workdone… when I complained… he said the metrics will begin to show soon, and that he needs the funds and the ratings…

So I appoved it and gave him glowing reviews. Well… up to this day… there’s been zero indication that he did anything. I really wish I could edit the review.

Anyway… looking forward… I would rather ignore giving reviews, than to give them only to find out that the seller doesn’t deserve them.

I just wish Fiverr would help buyers in just this regard… by allowing us to be able to edit reviews or to extend the time limit on giving reviews.

That way, some of these reviews won’t only be based of the working experience, but also on the quality of workdone…

And if sellers know that the buyer can take back the review… the platform would be very sanitized.

I know many of us here are sellers… but we all make orders here too… and this can happen to anyone, and mud the name of Fiverr…

It’s exactly what the “spell casters” do. Sounds scammy as hell. “Hey, results will show up, just leave a review now and wait”. Not only is asking for a review/rating against terms of service, it’s highly suspicious. I’m starting to think SEO is just computer witchcraft at this point - they do nothing, and prey on people who believe in them.

Fiverr shouldn’t allow you to edit reviews later either, as that would be unfair for the sellers. Just don’t leave a review if you don’t see the work. And don’t accept a delivery with “zero proof of work”. Why would you?


Did they add this term recently? Because I remember one of my buyer to leave me a review after 14 days. it was a long time ago

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Your have up to 10 days to give a review. I buy on Fiverr as well, I have learnt not to give a rating unless I am 100% certain that the service was good, and if I was not happy with the service I don’t give a good rating. There are many very good sellers on Fiverr, but there are the odd bad ones too. What happens is that these bad ones get good ratings, maybe because people feel sorry for the seller, but it is not helping our selling community. There are a lot of under performing sellers, who are dragging the platform down.


They already do - sellers are free to set the number of days for completion of a gig. It’s long been 30 days, and I think has been extended to 90 days, so plenty of time, if the seller offers it. If they don’t, then that should be a warning sign.

If you don’t get what you’ve ordered in the stated amount of time, cancel and get a refund, or leave a review which matches your experience of the gig. :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly… Ee all trust the ratings… and they keep on diluting the marketplace…

There is no solution here and that is one of the reasons why those “result will be seen later” GIGs are blooming with one time sellers, they come, make sale of 50-250$ and run with the money and dump the account.

You should ask seller to set up delivery date second day after the results are visible.

Anything else is - well …


I guess a form of pseudo-solution would be to contact resolution center and ask for an extension regarding delivery time.

This way, seller delivers, you take your time to see in action his results and after extended delivery time expires you review him/her

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Exactly… there’re are hardly any guarantees in SEO… that’s why I still work with them anyway…

Second day delivery…? What’s that…?

Ohkay… I didn’t know I can do that… Thanks Sir…

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No. Not second day delivery. Delivery date second date after the results are visible.

So he tells you you will become rock star on Monday. You tell him to put delivery date morning Tuesday and you will accept it.

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