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Can I Delete My Fiverr Gigs?

I already make 6 fiverr gigs. Now I want to delete 3 gigs because I don’t need this gigs. So
can I delete my gigs. It’s can be any effect in my other gigs or fiverr account?


How to Delete Gigs From Your Profile

Step 1:
You’re gonna want to go to your profile. Your profile should show your active gigs and your account.

Step 2:
Scroll to the gig you want to delete and press the “…” button

Step 3:
Go to the bottom of the popup and choose “Advanced”

Step 4:
On the bottom of the popup “Gig Settings” there should be a “Delete Gig” option next to the trash symbol. Go ahead and click that to remove your gig from your account.


I tell if I delete my gigs it can be any effect my other gigs and my fiverr account?