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Can i delete my gig

i’m new user so at first create my fiverr gig and take a some mistake, so as a new seller i have 7 gig offer if i delete my first gig i have remained 6 or 7 gig option please give answer


You’ll still be able to have 7. :slightly_smiling_face:


sorry can yet delete my gig just ask forum
and can delete 7 stay

You can have a total of 7 as @merciavideo said so if you delete your first gig (if that is your only gig) you will have no gigs so you can now have a total of 7 gigs.


thank you very much lloydsolutions

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of course you can. You will be able to post 7 gigs.

and same category or subcategory create same gig that can be problem

It sounds like you are a total beginner. The forum isn’t a substitute for overall learning about the site. Try here:


Yes you can edit & republish. You are the owner of your gigs. If needed you can delete also.

If you delete your 1st gig that you created before and made some mistake…
Then you will get back all 7 gig creation option.

If you do not delete 1st gig, then you will have 6 gig creation option.
Hope helps…

You can delete gig and create gig again