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Can I delete my reply to someones review of my service? (see what had happened was)

So I got a review of my service and I replied to it thinking I was giving a review of the buyer so potential suppliers could see if he’s legit. What are was really doing was replying to a review that visible on the gig page. So it says something like “this buyer quickly answered any of my questions I had, and gave me very clear directions on what was desired in the project.” Which sucks. It should say something like “Thanks I really appreciate that”. Is there a way to change it? or at least delete it?

You can see on the order page if you still have the edit button near the review that you left. If not then it cannot be changed.

Thanks! it worked. I’m deleted this post now.

LL @chuckbron one saving grace is that even if you couldn’t delete your comment, luckily it wasn’t a BAD review! Could you imagine “ugh, glad this buyer gave me a good review but they were a pain. glad it is over…”!!!

Apparently it is only 3 days for feedback now. If you want to retract any bad feedback, either party can special request to by emailing support. However, once you retract the bad you can’t add good. You will just have none. I do wish they would leave feedback open for 5 to 7 days after.