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Can I delete wix website and send cancel order?

Hello I need help from wix experts . Actually I am facing some issue where buyer said me to design 2 pages in wix template so I designed it now he demanding more pages design without paying extra so it is possible can I cancel order n delete pages designed by me ? Fiverr allow this ? Pleas reply me asap . thanks

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But you got paid for what you designed right? Then why do you want to delete it

No sir order Is active till now. I did not get paid but buyer demanding more work without pay extra so I want cancel order n delete pages design by me

You can just finish the current order and start a new one after. I don’t think there’s any point cancelling the order

I think there was a thread about something similar. The conclusion was no you shouldn’t delete anything

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It depends how you communicate…
if you ask me I would say ask for extra as his demand…

Cancellation is unnecessary here…

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Have you already sent a Gig Extra offer? Example:

Thank you for your continued interest in my work. The additional work you requested of (X) will cost $X. I will continue with your order once this Gig Extra has been accepted.

Deleting work paid for is sabotage - even if the job is not complete yet. It is only when they refuse to pay that you may withdraw work, but then it gets tricky as the work is on their property as going into their site puts you in the wrong - even if they stole the work in the first place. You need court orders to pay or take-down.

For now, the advice to say, I have completed as per the agreement, if you now wish to do more work, I will be delighted to complete that for $X is the correct first step to take.

If after this they are threatening you, you MUST report this to CS to take action and advise on.


Remember too, that if you do cancel this order, your Orders Completed analytic percentage will drop. This can affect your placement on the site as well as the ability to level up in the next month.


It depends on the correspondence…

Many sellers are being taken advantage of and if the required work is minimal… I recommend helping the buyer. But if it’s too much to ask for and you had done exactly what was being discussed and listed on the order, you can stop.

Insist on the work as being delivered and perhaps be prepared for an unjust negative review.

Personally, if the order got canceled or is going to be canceled (*not getting paid for quality work done). I will delete the work (or make it into a huge PNG / BMP file format) so it is a big picture instead of a working website.

It depends on the reason. If it is my lack of ability or delivering substandard work… I will leave it as it is and cancel the order.