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Can I deliver a small work for free on Fiverr if client asks?

I’ve got a returning client who already took a lot of orders from me, mostly web-icons, and now he remembers he wanted one more small icon and asks if I can do it for free due to many past orders and tips he already made. Can we do it through messages or is a service like this forbidden? What are the hidden dangers I don’t know of? Have any of you got such an experience?


yes you can. there is nothing to worry about… you can talk to him/her on fiverr messages and complete the work without taking order… best of luck :slight_smile:


You can, but it’s frowned upon. Work is still work, and shouldn’t be done for free. Why not make an order for $5 or so?


Thank you for your answer. Did you mean frowned upon by Fiverr?

I agree, that I would better create an offer for 5$, it’s not an issue with the client, but I had this thought and wanted to ask for some advice. For example if client decided to insist on such a thing.

The moment they “insist”, is the moment they get fired as a client. I’ve done extra things for good clients at my discretion, and I value tong term business. But if they insist on me working for free, they are proving they are not good clients.


That wouldn’t be very nice of them. They’re not entitled to additional work because they’ve later remembered that they need it done.

That being said, just like @visualstudios, I’ve done small extra things for my good clients without demanding that they pay for them. The moment they start insisting, though, or show any signs of entitlement, they stop being good clients, and I start wishing for them to go away.