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Can I deliver a word document or pdf if the client doesn't provide instructions?


Some guy ordered a radio commercial and hasn’t provided any instructions. Not even a link of the product or service, not even the name of his company, nothing. He has also messaged nothing. I don’t know if it was an impulse buy or what, but I don’t want to be punished (order completion rate) for refunding.

Can I just create a generic radio commercial? Or deliver a guide about how to write them?

If I do that, will I end up with an account warning?


You should contact CS, who will be able to help you.


It’s probably safest to message the buyer and if they still don’t respond after leaving it a certain amount of time, it may be best to cancel, even though that will affect stats.

If you haven’t made necessary fields mandatory in the requirements you could do that.

Also if the order hasn’t started (all mandatory requirements not filled in) I think if you leave it a certain amount of time (a week?) after that I think you can cancel it without affecting stats.

Also you might be able to get CS to cancel it without it affecting stats.

You could get in trouble for delivering something other than what is described in the gig description (though possibly the generic radio commercial might be more likely not to be a problem than the other option eg. it could say “[your company name]” etc. but it still might be a problem and not be specific enough so could possibly give a warning, or maybe a bad review if it doesn’t actually talk about their company).


:rofl::rofl::rofl: I had did this once and got a warning .That will be considered as incomplete/partial delivery … First read the TOS .
If the buyer didn’t fulfill the requirements then the order will not start …
So wait until you are not getting reply/instruction from the buyer.
And incomplete/partial delivery can cause of violation .


Thanks for letting me know. I’ve never gotten that warning, usually I deliver the work, then if the client wants a 2nd revision, I will deliver nothing, I will say, “I’m sorry, but this order includes only one revision, I’m unable to provide additional revisions.” So far I haven’t gotten a warning about that.

Good idea. The order was on Friday, today is Saturday, since the clock isn’t ticking, I suppose I can message him every day until he responds, maybe until Wednesday. Then perhaps I’ll ask CS to cancel the order. I’m glad my completion rate is at 97%, I just hate being punished when it’s not my fault.


Also see this page:

When an order is marked as Incomplete…After a week has passed from the original order creation, a seller can cancel the order without any harm to their cancellation ratio or ratings.


Can anyone confirm if this is actually the case?
I’ve got incomplete orders on my profile from as far back as 2015