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Can i Deliver an order in 30 mins?

Many orders does not require too much work. Infact they can delivered in matter of minutes. My question is should i deliver in minutes.

I have a strange feeling that if you deliver an order in few minutes it wont reflect on your stats. Since fiverr may treat them as fake orders. I could be wrong

your thoughts?

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Never been a problem for me if I deliver as quickly as that. :slightly_smiling_face:


I have delivered that quickly before and never had a problem. If anything, your customers will appreciate your attentiveness!


You could, but some buyers might think you didn’t work hard enough or long enough, this might result in a bad review.

I don’t think that’s the case. Every delivery, review, refund, affects your analytics.

As long as you don’t use trigger words like email, phone, skype, etc, you should be fine.


Yea, true! As quickly as you deliver, buyer will be more pleased. My quickest delivery was 3 hours as I remembered. :slight_smile:


I think you should deliver after few hour instead of minutes

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There’s no need to keep a delivery waiting just because you want to appear to be ‘hardworking’.

As soon as I’m done with my jobs and go through them to ensure everything is okay, I deliver the jobs.

I have asked buyers for 3 days and delivered in few hours, it better to exceed buyer expectation, I’ve delivered in minutes too, and it didn’t hurt me in any way.


I have had projects I completed before sending a custom offer, I just send them a rough sample along with the offer, and I deliver the actual job right after they accept the offer, I haven’t experienced any problem with early deliveries.


It wouldn’t bother me to get an order delivered within minutes or a few hours after the order has been placed. After all, customers review our work before they accept it or decline and inquire further modification.If the delivered product is up to the standards described in the gig description, then I believe it is totally fine.

Mmmm… I wonder, anyone sells ready made works? Never thought of it really. If it’s possible, then delivering immediately must be natural for those gigs.

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I once delivered an order in 10 minutes, and got a bad review for being early! Think of yourself as a magician, why would you reveal your tricks to your client? Why show him how the sausage is made? He doesn’t need to know that.

If my seller is a graphic designer who uses logo generators for inspiration, and then creates something original, I don’t need to know about the logo generators, in fact, it’s better if I don’t.


Who gives a bad review for being ‘early’? I’m sure that buyer had some other motive

How do you charge your clients? Based on your description I think you’re not charging hourly rate so once the order is ready, deliver it. Fiverr is a business, the sooner you finish the sooner you can start on a next order.

For example, I don’t have an hourly rate on my website redesign gigs. I deliver them when they are ready.
My clients pay for my knowledge, experience and value I add to their business, not for the time I spend on their website.

Regarding, more time = hardworking, I agree with @raff_el
If a buyer gives you a poor review due to fast delivery then either you’re dealing with a difficult buyer or you did a shi**y job explaining your service.

PS. @umerkhawer looking at your gigs I would be more worried about the license. If you’re using templates from videohive then make sure you actually have a license for each sale.

Let me give you an example.
This is your gig
This is the template from videohive
The regular license is $37 and the extended is $110 and yet you’re charging $20 for the basic gig.

Either you’re doing charity work or you’re selling videos without license which means you’ll be reported and possibly banned.

Get it sorted first and then worry about the minutes you spend on each project.


No he didn’t. Some people will get offended if you work too fast. If James orders at 4pm and I deliver at 4:10pm, James might get angry because he’ll think I was working fast, even though I was working at my regular speed.

Making a buyer angry is a bad idea. Today for example, a woman delivered worked I ordered, she did twice the work to impress me, and she delivered on time. I did not like the quality of her work, but I appreciate that she made an effort. She wrote 20 slogans instead of 10. So I decided not to review her gig.

If she had been late, I don’t know how I would have reacted.

I’ve often wondered why so many sellers seem desperately intent upon delivering so much quantity for so little price, when low quantity at a high-quality is far more valuable to the development of professional projects. Throwing mud at a wall and seeing what sticks doesn’t seem like a good creation/development strategy.


My recent quickest delivery was three hours because the customer requested me to deliver it as early as possible. As a buyer, I do not believe in gigs offering expedite delivery may it be a software, plugin, theme, logo etc. I have seen those type of seller popup and vanish, and again emerge with a new account.

Yes, I understand that making a buyer angry is a bad idea.

Personally, I’m unable to really focus on any other thing when I know I have a job that is yet to be delivered. As soon as I deliver, I’m able to shift focus to other productive tasks.

Also, I’ve had jobs I already completed even before the buyer places an offer. A times while still having talks with the buyer, I’m in the back office doing the actual work, as soon as we reach terms and an order is placed, I deliver.

In all cases, buyers have always been impressed by the speed of delivery.

Edit: I thought I should mention, this light speed delivery is only possible for me when a buyers job requires just a few technical clicks to give them the solution they need.

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some time client order the source file after the completion of the order.

and that gets delivered in minuted or even in seconds as long as it is a genuine sale you need not to worry about anything.

Yes you can.
Some gig are very easy and sometime buyer and seller do all business in conversation section and when they place order they only need to transfer the file which only takes uploading time.

no problem even if you deliver within 2 minutes. I had a repeat buyer adding an order to just change some text on a previously done work. that took around 1 minute to revise , send in and the buyer completed and reviewed it. No issues at all.