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Can I deliver an order in two parts?


I proofread and the buyer wanted to combine two documents because of a cost advantage in doing so. However, she sent me only the first document because she was still working on the second one. Now she is asking if I can deliver the first one now and still send me the second one this weekend. However, once I send her the first one, the order will be marked delivered and I do not know if she will then be able to send me the second one. I told her I would ask my friends here for information. So does anyone know the answer? :thinking:


You cannot let buyers dictate the terms like she is doing.

Make her pay for a second order. She has two and wants to save money but that’s not fair to you and not how this works.

You have to find a nice way of letting her know to place a second order.

Her request is not reasonable. The fact that she is not even finished with the second one but want the delivery of the first while you wait on her is totally unreasonable.


I did not mind her combining the orders, but I did not expect her to want it delivered in two parts. Plus one was less than my $5 gig and one was more. So we agreed to combine the two because they equaled my $10 gig.


Then tell her that you didn’t expect it delivered in two parts when you agreed to combine the orders and tell her that she can place another order when she has finished the second one for a minimal cost of $5.

$5 is NOTHING. She can manage to pay that much for this.

Or you can deliver the first one and then she can use the revision button although that would make your delivery late. She really has put you into a bad situation.


I think I will tell her she has to wait until I have done the other half. After all, I did agree to that. She is brand new to Fiverr and me. I want her to have a good experience. :smiley: Thanks for your input for future use Crystal.


Is that’s easier, you can tell her that Fiverr doesn’t allow partial deliveries, and that you have no other choice but to deliver everything at once.

It’s not you, it’s Fiverr. :slightly_smiling_face:


That is exactly what I did. We agreed that next time she will submit everything at once. Have a great evening Miss Cat. :first_quarter_moon_with_face:


If you already received money for the second document in your first order & the first order was marked completed, you can send the 2nd document from massage section. I did this lots of time, almost everyone send modification file from massage section if the order was marked completed but it was not complete at all.


Thank you for that information.


You have finished the first part which is worth less that $5 and the order is paid by $5 and now another $5 order to come with the second document. If I’m right, you should not have a problem to deliver the order.


I do hope not.

Orders should only be delivered if they are complete - doing anything else is against the ToS, and it’s not a good idea to encourage others to do the same.

Message = what you send through Fiverr
Massage = what you get when you’ve got stressed shoulders etc.


Oh, thank you, Miss Lorna. I was not going to do that. It did seem like a work around and not proper. :frowning:


I am not talking about violating any rule. If Fiverr automatically marked the order completed after 3 days and any buyer was busy and come after three days and want a simple customisation how can you request another order from him? Also, if buyer accidentally accepts the order or after accepting the order he found a simple problem and want to fix this how can you tell him to order again. I did not face any problem, I have already received money for this work & Fiverr know it’s.



…is very different from

If the seller receives the money for 2 documents, but delivers only one, it’s a violation of Fiverr’s Terms of Service. She has to deliver both of them at once, or risk an account warning. In this particular case, it’s not about a modification, it would have been an incomplete delivery, and that’s not allowed.


Buyer send you info for the first part and he did not send you info for the second part, now she wants to have a look at your work also you have completed first part and you have to deliver the order in time otherwise your level will drop down. If you send the first part without delivery Fiverr will not take any risk or your work. I talked about this accidental situation not intentionally. The violating rule is caught after buyer and seller complain. If both are compromising with this situation, I am quite sure Fiverr will not interfere. If the buyer rejects the order for customisation you will get more time and send both files in next delivery.

There are lot’s of things you need think about, like account performance, gigs performance and maintain your current level. Now, for buyer late delivery of instruction, you can’t drop down your whole account also after working 50% of the work you can’t cancel the order. It’s not the best way but it’s a way.


Never thought you would Vickie! :wink: