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Can I delivery Fast thn my required order delivery time

hello everyone,

In my order, I took 2 days time for delivery to my client. but, my work is done before my required delivery time. my client wants me to delivery him fast.will it be any problem if I delivery before the required order time? please help me.


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yes, you can deliver the order faster than required delivery time. it will also help you to rank up your gig on search algorithm

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@sany_majumder1 thanks a lot but someone said me,It will be problm & no rank up.I was so confused.

Why would you not be allowed to deliver early? I’m not understanding why that wouldn’t be okay. “Deadline” means it is due no later than that time. It doesn’t mean you have to deliver at exactly that time.


@humanissocial thanks :heart_eyes: for letting me know