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Can i delivery order with out portfolio?


Can i delivery order with out portfolio preview? How to do it?


Yes, why not?
Just select your skill, create a gig accordingly and you are ready to go as NEW SELLER. As on you will be getting orders, it will making your portfolio :slight_smile:


How can i deliver order without portfolio?


You want to deliver an order and not include it on your portfolio?


Yeah :blush: how to do it?


Well uploading the files to dropbox and sending the link is an option.


It is spam!!!


Disable your portfolio if you don’t want it to show.


Thank you! But some orders i need preview portfolio but some orders I don’t need preview portfolio. How to do that?


You can turn it on or off as needed.


Okay. Thank you very much. :blush:


I can’t find live portfolio.


You can’t turn it on or off for each delivery. A seller can only turn it on/off for the whole gig. Only the buyer has the option to decide if a particular delivery is shown in the portfolio if the portfolio is enabled for the gig.

See this for disabling live portfolio for the gig:

The suggestion of sending the file as a dropbox link is one way to make it not appear in the portolio if the gig has live portfolio enabled. Though Fiverr would really like proof of work to be attached. Another way is attaching the file compressed in a .zip file or any other format that Fiverr doesn’t automatically show in the portfolio.


Thank you! Very important for me. :slight_smile:


You can add files to a zip archive and send the .zip file to the buyer.
That’s it!!!


Indeed you can! :slightly_smiling_face:

If you turn the live portfolio off before you deliver an order, the buyer won’t have the option to add the work to the seller’s portfolio just for that delivery. You can then turn it back on for the next delivery and so on.


I didn’t know that. Have you tried it and it keeps all videos/images in the portfolio that were there before and shows them again after you switch It back on? So does the existing portfolio disappear when people view the gig until you switch it back on after the review? If so that might be bad for other potential buyers viewing the gig.

There should be a better way to do it I think though. Like an option on the delivery page. eg. you might have 2 orders in the queue and it might take the buyer with the order which you don’t want in the portfolio a long time to review it so that could affect the orders you do want to appear in the portfolio (if the buyer allows it).


Yes to both. :slightly_smiling_face:


Include a blank image file with white background in your delivery and then select that as your delivery portfolio. I have to do it certain times when the buyer ask to make the project private/confidential or the buyer can remove all delivered items from delivery portfolio.

Hope this helps!!