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Can I directly download Fiverr app from Google play store


I have been given my mobile number to receive the link to download Fiverr mobile app. But I haven’t received any link. Can I directly download the Fiverr app from Google play store? Will it make any problem to my account.


You don’t really need a link as far as I know but you can download the app from the play store.


Fiverr App is available for download and use on play store…
just go and get it…


yeah, you can download fiverr app from Google play store.


Yes . You can directly download Fiverr App from Google play store.


Yeaah You Can do That …


Go ahead and download fiverr app from the google play store. There’s no implication to that.


Yes, Search in PlayStore and download Fiverr,


you can download it directly no problem at all :slight_smile:


Yes you can directly download Fiverr app from google play store