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Can I disable automatically showing latest gig deliveries showing in my gallery?

Hi there,
I’m doing voice overs and I have two voice samples in my gallery that I’ve chosen to be shown there. No I’ve made my first gig and the audio file I’ve created as the delivery is now automatically showing in my gallery. But I don’t it to be shown in my gallery for everyone and I don’t see any option to delete it from my gallery. When I edit my gig it doesn’t show to be edited/deleted/disabled.



Simply disable gig portfolio. It should solve everything

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Thanks, but I can’t find this option anywhere. Where is it located?
Thanks again! :slight_smile:

Ah, I’ve found it already! It’s very well hidden in the gig overview and the little arrow-down menu. Not a very clever UX descision! :wink: It’s called “Live Portfolio”

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