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Can I disable "Custom Ordering"

I’m a VO artist, and my directions on my gigs are very straightforward and clear, but I constantly get Custom Order requests only ever undercutting my already low rate. Can I simply turn off this function?

Hi there,

It’s the exact opposite from my experience.
I found that custom order helps me alot manage my order line.
I set my gigs delivery 1 week and asked them to contact me first before order,
This way, i could screening the project, requirement and setting the timeline myself.

90% of my project comes with custom order, and only 5% of them ask for cheaper price.

So if people send you custom offer with cheaper price, maybe it’s because you are still lvl 1 or bellow. People think you need to build portfolio and review and willing to work for cheaper rate.
Or…, maybe most of your competitor rate is cheaper too?
Try to explain and convice buyer, why you charge with current rate.

Just my two cents :slight_smile:

That’s not what they asked, you didn’t answer the question. @jesspaulart - Yes you can, go to your gig page, from there you should see something to turn it off in the right corner.