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Can I do a zoom call with client?

Client asking to have an interview over the zoom. Can I do that?


No, only Pro Verified sellers can do that.

If your client is a Fiverr Business client, you’ll have the option to talk to them via Zoom, but only on the order page (that is, once they place the order, not for an interview that decides whether they’re going to hire you or not).


Is the buyer a Fiverr Business account buyer or V.I.D buyer? If they are, the video conference option is indeed available.

If not, first ask why does this person want to communicate via Zoom instead of on-site messaging? Frequently, a lot of bad things happen when communication goes off-platform.


Thanks for your quick response. This is helpful


Hmm, is that the case? The little video camera icon shows up for messaging Business or V.I.D. buyers even if there isn’t an active order.


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Wait, what?

I think the case has been made that that is not so.


Okay. Now client wants to place an $5 work order for the interview. :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow. That’s great. :smiley:

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I approve this, recently got such situation from a buyer who contacted me via instagram and I asked to place the order on Fiverr (Now I realize it was a bad choice in every means), We did our communication over telegram cause there was a group for me to chat with. The thing is if the chat was within the platform Fiverr support can help you if you did everything good and for an example the buyer asks for a refund. otherwise support will cancel the order for sure if buyer ask for a cancellation cause they don’t have anything to analyze on platform. my situation wasn’t that case. I still got my funds cleared cause anyways the buyer accepted the order, but It could’ve happen.

If the buyer contacts you on Fiverr and asks to do the communication off the platform 99% of the time its gonna be a bad idea. and 99% of the time It would be a ToS violation. So always keep your chat within Fiverr to keep yourself protected from fraudulent buyers and not to violate ToS.


Sometime you will get video call option in fiverr inbox. I am not sure about the zoom, maybe fiverr doesn’t allowed it

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Now I’ve got that one, too. I didn’t have it before, so I guess it’s fairly new (plus it says it’s in Beta, so it’s probably one of those things that not everyone has).

I suppose it might work, if they’re a Fiverr Business Client, though perhaps sending them a custom offer clarifying that it’s for a 15-minute interview only (or however long you think is appropriate for $5), not for additional work within the same order, could be a good idea. Also, if you wish to be safe, perhaps you can ask Customer Support if that kind of an interview would be all right with them before you proceed with the whole thing.

All this, of course, if you even want to do an interview. I wouldn’t, but that’s just me.


Yes you can if this is possible.

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Yes It is possible. Yesterday night I have talked a client by meet…


I think you have your answer but remember don’t make any payment outside of fiverr it’s against fiverr community rule.


Thanks @all for your prompt responses. I really appricate your feedback and learning a lot of things from you.