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Can I do anything about this Negative review? [RESOLVED]

I’ve never received a negative review until today. The buyer in question never submits me reviews, he has bought like 10 gigs from me and never posted a positive review until I asked him why. He says he needs the voiceovers for his “Clients”. He had bought a gig from me and it was marked as complete 3 days later.

Then 2 weeks later he messages me asking for a revision because “it sounds like I said “accrosst” instead of “across””. I forgot about it since it was in a message, and he submitted me a one star review saying “Failed to deliver revisions on time …”. This is upsetting because I’ve never received anything under five stars and this brought my percentage down. All i’m asking is, is there anything I can do about this?

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The first thing to do is to ask the buyer if he’ll consider changing it. You can offer to do the revision now or offer other freebies or anything you can. 1 star can be quite damaging to your profile. If he absolutely refuses you can submit a ticket to Customer Support with an explanation. They will usually tell you to try to work it out with the buyer, but there is always a slim chance they’ll remove it.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Interesting, when a buyer refuses to change a negative review, I might refund the order. That won’t improve my rating, but it removes the review if the buyer accepts the refund.

Sure you can do something about it. You can move on

Reply to @fastcopywriter: I usually do that too but I wasn’t sure if it would work in this case. Since the order was 2 weeks old or more, would it still auto-remove on refund? I actually don’t have any idea. I guess I should have suggested it anyway but I didn’t want to give false hope if it didn’t work. I’ve heard that there are some circumstances where the review isn’t removed automatically on refund, but I don’t really know if it’s true.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: That only works if they “agree” to the mutual cancellation. I they don’t agree, the negative review stays.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Not if the buyer rejects the refund, but if he accepts, the negative review goes away. I check my analytic page everyday, I’d like to make sure the number of negative reviews stays constant. Right now I’m at 20, which worries me, a recent buyer rejected to refund. He said I was rude, I guess when I don’t kiss butt, I’m rude.

However, if a negative buyer is lazy, doesn’t check his e-mail often, then you can pray that after 3-days, the refund goes through, and then he can’t reject it, so you’re in the clear.

Reply to @fastcopywriter: Good to know, thanks!

Hi brotheron,

This situation can be quite common. When you are busy, missing or forgetting about messages happens.

The first point of action is to look at your selling process and see how it can be improved to avoid this scenario in the future. For example:

  1. Should you “star” important messages/orders if you know you need to go back to them?

  2. Should you be checking for order update messages (after delivery) within your inbox:

    Once you find a solution which best suits your current workflow, that is half the battle in reducing this happening again.

    Next, you want to contact the buyer and see if the revision can still be performed for the review being removed. If so, go ahead and do that and message customer support afterwards (they will then remove it).

    If the buyer doesn’t respond to this request, there are instances where you can perform the revision anyway and then have customer support remove the negative (as it isn’t then reflective of the fact you made the revision).

    Refunding is an option. However, as this much time has passed it isn’t. You cannot refund after fund have cleared. If funds hadn’t cleared and a refund is possible, the remove would only automatically be removed if the buyer manually accepts it. This means, if it ticks on for 3 days and automatically gets refunded, the review will STAY. It will only remove if the buyer accepts the refund manually within this 3 day period.

    That being said, not feel forced to refund. If you stand by the work you have performed and believe you deserve to be paid for it, don’t just refund to remove the review. Positive and negative reviews are to be expected in any business and 1 bad review (which isn’t really that bad), won’t completely destroy you. You may just consider responding to his review along the lines of "The buyer requested a revision after the order was complete. This isn’t always covered by my service. If you require revisions, you should submit them during the order processing using the ‘request modification’ function.