Can I do this kind of marketing?


OK, so many of my buyers ask me SEO-specific questions, and I thought I could make a blog where I’d regularly post about my work, SEO, etc., and whenever a buyer asks me something I’d point them to my blog article that would answer their questions (and they could then get interested in my other articles, they could become subscribers, find out about my other Fiverr gigs, etc.)

The blog would be a free-hosted blog with no personal contact info - only a link to my Fiverr profile page, a link to a Fiverr-dedicated Google+ profile that would also link back to my Fiverr profile, maybe a Twitter profile for my Fiverr services as well…

I would also not use it as part of my Fiverr profile or gig descriptions because I know wordpress is excluded from the list of allowed profile/gig URLs - pointing buyers to my blog posts would be done solely through order pages & Inbox messages.

Therefore, I would use this blog to market my gigs, help buyers when they ask questions by pointing them to the right article, keep them updated in case I make new gigs, etc.

Can I make this happen without getting into trouble? (also looking forward to hearing from @jamesbulls, @eoinfinnegan & @trishafor5)


I put exactly what you’re describing together, showed it to CS, and was told, no, it would be breaking the ToS - sorry. I think it’s a great idea too, by the way. :slight_smile:


The reason I asked is because @jamesbulls has a blog linked back to Fiverr and a Google+ profile for it, and with some good looking marketing success, and his approach seemed a valid marketing strategy that @eoinfinnegan approved from what I remember while reading their posts on this matter .


@Woofy31 I do it.

However I’m part of the specialty club.

Clickbait warning.

PM me if you want more info :wink:


That “specialty club” is a list of links that can be used in your profile and gig descriptions - I was saying that I’m not putting any blog link in my profile and neither in my gig descriptions. I would only use it via inbox and order pages, which isn’t mentioned in that “specialty club” page :smiley:


What about using a Fiverr Approved URL?


I hate blogspot’s looks and limited feel, and I hate tumblr’s thin/shallow/squeezed look, too :smiley:


its a great idea, also this blog wll also show through SEO. as a result more viewers and good for marketing plus you can later on use adsense… and do proper blogging :slight_smile:


I hear you, especially because sometimes a client would ask me a question I would refer them to a blog post somewhere on the internet. So why would it be any different for you to create that blog?

@Woofy31 I know, Blogspot’s look is severely limited. But you do what you can do.


Well, the “specialty club” says nothing about URLs in inbox messages or order pages, which is why I get hundreds of URLs from buyers via inbox or order pages without a problem, including URLs.

So that means blog URLs should be allowed in Inbox messages & order page messages, which is where I intended to use my blog.

P.S. I can’t write or think if the paper I’m writing on resembles a recently used nose tissue :smiley:


Don’t know about that I’m afraid - I used my own website, no off-Fiverr links, everything on it was related to my gigs, contact me went straight to Fiverr etc.

I was only going to use it to funnel off-Fiverr traffic to my gigs, and send buyers to it in delivery messages, but no go.


Wait, so we can’t have a website/blog that has a link to our Fiverr page? I have a wix website that has a link to my Fiverr :stuck_out_tongue: I recently asked if it was ok, someone said yes but now I’m confused.


No, that’s fine - it was sending buyers ti it in my delivery note that was against ToS I think. :slight_smile:


Exactly. I would assume it would be okay to operate your personal blog without personal contact details.

But it seems as though @offlinehelpers received the shattering answer.

By the way, have you sent a message to CS and see what they say?

Last month they did allow my link but without any contact information whatsoever.
I hope there are no conflicting reports.


I asked CS, they asked for a blog example even though I have no blog set up yet since I don’t know if I should be investing time in one if it then won’t be allowed, and then they also gave me the specialty club link :unamused: Still trying to explain things to them… but in the meantime I wanted to hear your opinions, and especially the opinions of those who use similar marketing techniques.


Ahh yes, thanks. I know that’s against the rules. They remove any unauthorized website from your profile.


I tried a WP blog listed on a PDF sample page that I sent to buyers and I got a warning for it. I had to switch to blogspot, regardless of where I used it and how it looks. I’ve seen sellers who do get away with other sites for a long time, even right in the profile, but eventually they always get nailed and then they have to migrate that content or give it up. I’d stick to the list if I were you. :slight_smile:


Well, I’m currently adding a blog to my website. I work on the audio category so I plan to do some basic tutorials, sfx library reviews and anything that could be useful to generate any sort of traffic from my website into my Fiverr page.
I still can’t tell you it works because I’m still writing the first blog post. If I feel I enjoy writing and putting this material together I’ll just keep doing it.


It wasn’t on my profile - I wanted to send buyers to it after delivery.


mm I see. Well, I guess Fiverr wants their 10% (or whatever they get)