Can i do this?


Well,it happens that i had some Steam and Origin keys (game keys) laying down,and i thought "why don t just sell each one for five bucks? xD"

It happens that fiverr has this rule,that i cannot sell software,yet what if it is original software,i think i have the right to sell it as a gig on fiverr,correct?



Reply to @kjblynx:

I must admit,i didn t read Stram and OriginĀ“s terms and conditions.

But since i bought the keys,isn t it my property now? And i am allowed to sell my property.

Well,in any case,i will read the terms and conditions,and if it says that i cant sell them,i will just delete the gig.

Thank you for your answer.


No, it is not your property. Most software cannot be resold, as you are buying a license to use it, not the program itself.


Reply to @dsaldridge:

I see,thank you for answering.