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Can I duplicate my gig to create more gigs?

can I duplicate my gig to create more gigs?

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No. It’s against Fiverr TOS to duplicate any Gig. If a Gig is a copy, it gets flagged- sometimes – by Fiverr. Furthermore, if you duplicate your own Gig, you’re not helping yourself in any way. You’ll push yourself further down in results. I don’t even recommend having multiple Gigs in the same category, as they compete with each other. Instead, try to create separate packages for your Gig, with each one offering something different than the other packages, and they can have different price points.

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I want to support you on this but yesterday I found a guy, top seller with 15 GIGS, minimalist logo, small logo, great logo, black logo, fancy logo, business logo, cute logo, professional logo, main logo, attractive logo… and he has like 5-10 reviews on each. So I am puzzled why, and why?


I think it increase the chance to get orders

If you want orders, you could publish your existing gig/make it active (if it’s okay) instead of duplicating it (which would be against the TOS if the service is exactly the same as another of your gigs) and doing that will increase the chance of getting orders.

You could have eg. different types of logo gigs as long as they really are different (eg. creating a different style of logo in each gig).