Can I edit a star rating I gave?


I really like the work that was done, but I gave a lower star rating for communication. I want to change that and make it a higher rating.


Communicate with the seller, as they have to initiate it. Perhaps you should read the TOS and other auxiliary information?


yes, You can be able to change when Your seller request you officially in order page, and you can easily Change the review


Thank you dijatul


You are most welcome :crown:


I’ve had to edit this as it has moved some people to flagging.

That said, it’s very rude not to thank people for helping you, and if a quick reminder of that results in a flag, then I don’t know what to say.

I should be tipped for my helpfulness ($5).


No way, Read the tos


I suggest you read the TOS, since you don’t seem to know it and dish out crap advice while also advising other people. Don’t do that. Did you even read the post to see the correct answers?