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Can I edit my best seller gig?


I’ve edited my best seller gig about 20 days ago and I’ve got the level 2 badge about 15 days ago.Now I need to edit my gig again…a little change (Only keyword) and a major change (Price list).
Can I do this? Will it hamper into my gig?


After you edit a gig, it usually disappears from search for a day or two. Once it appears again, the position of your gig might change.


Holy cow really? So every time I change the description or anything in my gigs they are taken off the search results?


Will the changes be positive or negative? @catwriter
I mean, will my gig fall down?


People complain about their gigs going down, but mine went up once. I guess it depends on the changes you make.


It’s all about trial and error here. You keep crafting your gigs till they’re just right!


And sometimes that means taking a loss and other times that means making a win!


And then something changes, and you have to tweak them again. :slight_smile:


Yup! It can be pretty tiresome to make a chance you think will help only to have it do the opposite. The competitiveness is not for everyone!


Thank you @chrispoirier :slight_smile:


@shuvo94 keep crafting your gigs