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Can I edit my existing gig and offer a different service?

Okay so I am a Search Engine Optimization learner and provide some off page services like guest blogging. I have expertise in Wordpress and have been making websites for 3 years now.

Now I want to sell only wordpress related services on my account on which I have 5 guest post related gigs and 2 wordpress related gigs.

My question is Can I edit those 5 guest post related gigs and start selling wordpress services? Is it against FIverr TOS?

My second Question is that if I delete any of my gigs will the reviews that I got on that gig also get deleted? Like I have a gig with 14 reviews on it. I no longer want to offer that gig and want to create a new different sub category related service. Will those 14 reviews be deleted if I delete that gig?

I would appreaiate the answers :slight_smile:


Yes to the disappearing reviews - when you delete a gig, the reviews go with it. Reviews are attached to their respective gigs.

As to your first question … once saved, the url of your gig doesn’t change. So if you edit your gig, change everything about it … the url will still be keyworded to the previous gig incarnation.

Wordpress is an exceptionally competitive sub category. The gig title is important. Personally, I’d be inclined to leave that gig where it is, change the price upward (so as not to attract so many orders) and create a new gig.

If you can’t make any more gigs, well, I didn’t realise that saving a gig for “emergencies” is a good idea either, until I’d run out … but having been promoted, I now have one gig I keep spare for just the situation you mention.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you there :slight_smile: I got my answer.

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Reviews stay on the profile.

I think you can’t change the gig category. Also, since the URL remains the same, and you already have reviews on those gigs, it will look like you’re trying to deceive people and make them think that you got those reviews for WordPress services.


Not any more, @catwriter - I deleted one with reviews … and the reviews disappeared, too.

Do you have paused gigs? I see 15 reviews total on your profile, but only 13 in active gigs.

You know whatm, @catwriter? That first review disappeared when I deleted the gig it was attached to … and now it’s reappeared. How odd. Is it a level thing?

Hi there, yes you can but you cannot change the category. You can also change subcategories. I hope that helped.

It was probably a glitch (the disappearance).

Bummer! Oh, well, live and learn. And still inclined to keep the gigs with reviews whether or not they’re doing well.

Thanks for that, @catwriter