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Can I edit my gig for develop my gig?

I don’t have any reviews on my gig and I just released the gig a few days ago, at first my gig impression was pretty good. But now it is decreasing day by day. Now I think I will edit the gig.
I will change the title, image and description of the gig.
Now my question is can I change the gig image when I edit the gig? And would I be right to edit the gig?


You can edit it but it will be removed from the search engine for a while and it might not be ranked the same later. Also if you change the title the url won’t change.

Of course. You can edit everithing on your gig. Go to Manage_gigs page

so as you can see you are now in edit page

I hope this can help you!

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Really it’s true? OMG. I edit my gig 3 times within 7 months, this is the cause that my gig didn’t get ranked?

Thanks for helping me.

It doesn’t mean a gig will get a low ranking after it goes into the search engine again. It’s just that it gets removed for a while after you edit it. It might get a good ranking. It might not.

If you can improve it a lot by editing it’s worth doing, just don’t edit the same gig really frequently (like every day) as that could take your gig out of the search engine too much and so lead to less views/orders.

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Thanks for give me your information.


yes you can edit your gigs anytime. But don’t edit too often. It may harm your rank

ok Thank you very much … for give me information.