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Can I edit my gigs while having uncompleted orders on it?


Hello guys,
Please help…
Can I edit my gigs while having orders on queue???
Is there any problems if I change the prices,deliver time etc.?


In the past we have been able to change it. Beware, in the past the new gig info would update on the current orders, this could be good or bad depending on what you’ve changed. I haven’t tested it lately.


Of course. Rarely do people have zero orders in queue when editing their gig. But if you change anything that is being sold by you, you’d have to deliver what the people purchased before the gig was edited.

And if you change the delivery time, current orders would be unaffected and still obey the old delivery time. Prices also won’t change for those orders, but only those that come afterwards.


Thank you for sharing your experience!


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You can do it but I do not recommend it. You need that information to be accurate for your waiting orders you are working on.

I suggest waiting until you don’t have orders on the gig and then pausing it and changing it.


Offcourse you can, but if you are making some big changes to the gig you need to let your current buyers know of the changes before completing the order.