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Can i edit my received order Gig?

Hello everyone.
I am new here so I need to know many more things.
Actually, I had created my account 2019 December and my first gig also created on time after 5 order completion I left there at my personal issues.
Now when I back after 8/9 months’ letter i want to reactivate my gig and I feel it needs to more updated.
So, here is my question If I edit my previous gig would be facing any problem??
Or Could it any bad impact on my profile??

Thank you


You can edit your gig. Editing often causes loosing rank. But as you were inactive, that’s nothing to worry about. Fiverr may pause your gig to review. But it’ll be published if you don’t break any law.


now its published.But i think i lose my exact rank and i never back again.
So i am worrying about to edit my gig.WHAT i need to do??

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Edit without meta info like title,tag etc.

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I prefer don’t edit this gig. just make a new gig. You already lost your gig rank.

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Thank you so much for your valuable comment <3

Thank you so much for your valuable comment :two_hearts: