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Can I Edit/replace my gig video?

Hay, Recently I notice that my gig on the first page at 5 or 6 rows. But unfortunately, I didn’t get any knock from the buyer and also the order. My guess is my video is kind of backdated and many wonderful gig perform better than me. So now if I change my gig video or edit a little bit then is any problem with it? ** I MEAN, FOR THIS REASON, DOES FIVERR REMOVE MY GIG FROM 1ST PAGE.


Fiverr is NOT Google.

There is no such thing as ranking here.

That is a myth.

The best way to get noticed on Fiverr is to make proper use of correct keywords for your service niche.

That way, if someone searches for those keywords, you will have a better chance at showing up in a search.

As for being on Page 1, don’t get used to it as Fiverr rotates Gigs to make it fair for everyone to get top exposure.

Plus, if five people searched for your Gig right now, it won’t be on Page 1 for each of them.

Good luck.


So you suggest me I can change my gig video if it necessary right? Actually I heard some seller say when they change their gig image or edit their gig then fiverr remove their gig from top…

I change my Gigs all the time.

Usually once or twice a year.

I delete Gigs that aren’t working, I’ll change graphics, Gig Descriptions, whatever.

Just remember that your Gig will “disappear” for a day or two so that the changes can be reviewed by Fiverr, but any change you make should make up for that in a short time following approval.

What you did to be in 1st page? is easy ? is using seo and kw ? or what is the secret ?
greeting from @vivi123

There in NO GUARANTEE that ANYONE will be on Page 1.

Read the Fiverr Terms of Service.

It plainly states that, “Gig position is NOT permanent.”

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