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Can I ever get back to 100% positive rating?

I have 650 positive reviews and 3 negative (2 from late delivery and one from a mean buyer). My profile rating is at 99% and has been for some time. Will it ever go back to 100 or am I forever stuck at 99? Just curious.

I am going to take a guess that the answer is no, 3 is under 0.5% of 650 and I imagine it would round up if that were the case. I wouldn’t let it worry you though, you still have 650 positive reviews.

Reply to @philtabest: It’s impossible to please everyone.

I’m wondering about it as well. I have 3 negative as well , 450 positive. Gzzz…

Mathematically speaking? No. Once you go below 100%, you can’t ever get back to it.

Statistically speaking? It depends on how many decimal places you round to.

Only 3 negative reviews out of 650 is pretty dang amazing. I wouldn’t worry about it - just keep up the great work.

As per Fiverr 5 stars rating system can again get back to 100% once your overall rating goes above 4.95 I think. So the only way to get more & only 5 stars rating & 100% will appear one day for sure.

This was quite a while ago, but when my rating went down to 99% due to one negative, after a while it went back to 100%. I’m sorry I couldn’t really remember how long it took to get back to 100, but it did, so I hope the same thing happens to you too :smiley:

Reply to @philtabest: I actually calculated the ratio (sad) its approx 0.0046 :1 - no big deal obviously just a little annoying.

@zeus777 glad to hear u got it back eventually! Guess we’ll keep at it and one day it will return.

Reply to @sabiansoldier: Well it’s just 3 divided by 653 times 100, I just didn’t have a calculator to hand in order to get the actual sum. I don’t know why I didn’t use the calculator on my computer.

As mentioned above though, don’t worry about it. You’ve established yourself on Fiverr and your positive reviews significantly outweigh the negative. So I highly doubt that it will effect your orders.

I don’t know about this website, but I recently received my first negative feedback on Ebay and it’s not really done any damage. It’s just a bit annoying, because I sold a laptop as untested, because I didn’t have a power adaptor for it and the buyer left feedback to say that the battery doesn’t hold charge.