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Can I Ever Get Orders Like a Pro,That i know I am?

I joined fiverr recently,but when it comes to Designing offline i do get alot of orders,but recently that i Joined Fiverr i have not gotten any order,So am asking myself can i ever get orders?

Online and offline are completely different. In person or even on the phone, a buyer can tell a lot about you. They can hear how well spoken you are. If in person or video chat they can see who tbey are dealing with and see tangible evidence of your work. So, to work online you have to be convincing with only intangibles.

Your profile claims you are from the USA, your touched-up picture shows a smiling young woman with a laptop, and your gig images aren’t all filled in and show what looked like slightly edited images from the internet. Your written English language skills need polish. Altogether those things don’t inspire trust at all. I’d say the profile picture is a stock photo and all I can really tell is that you either aren’t in the USA and/or you need a little more education. Nothing about this says “pro” to me, even though in person I might see it differently.

I’m not trying to offend you, but if buyers see your profile like I do, you may have trouble selling here. Good luck!

Thanks for your comment,however a beginner encounters challenges here on fiverr before he or she can sell,am not discouraged in anyway,I will work hard to make sales.Thanks for your observations.

Reply to @ecoverprincess: It is not polite to contact other sellers via private messages. That is consider unsolicited spam. I replied to you with some suggestions and I will repeat the important part here. Take care to learn some real skills on your own instead of using software to generate products or take designs from other places. You can learn to use Adobe products yourself if graphic design is the field you want to go into. You can also get GIMP and Inkscape if you need free design software.

For real success on Fiverr, have only one account, use your real country IP address and state your real native language so potential buyers don’t wonder why you claim things that don’t look right. Use a real photo of yourself instead of a stock photo. If you don’t want to state your true gender or don’t want to use a photo, use a very well done unique logo.

I am glad you are not discouraged, just do this the right way. There is no shame in having to learn more, to polish your language skills and to learn real design skills. If you do have multiple accounts or the wrong country on your account, you can contact Fiverr Customer Support to have the accounts closed and start fresh with a real one. Good luck.