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Can I extend the deadline of an order?

Hi Fiverr,

I’m a seller since a few months now and in my own opinion I’m doing not bad. I made my first $1000 with doing what I love drawing funny stuff.

I regular get bulk orders of several cartoons at once and sometimes its hard to make the deadline on an order for several reasons.

Sometimes I have to wait several days before I get feedback on a sketch, sometimes a lot of modifications are necessary, …

Is there a way I can ask a buyer to extend the Gig deadline without charging extra?



No, the only way is to honestly promise the buyer that you will deliver it through messages instead of the order page so you won’t be marked late… Or you can deliver in the order page maybe 50-75% of the work done and tell the buyer you will deliver the rest through messages so it won’t be marked late.

To avoid this scenario the next time around, you can extend your delivery time. But place in your gig description that you actually deliver in __ days, and that you just extended the delivery time to cater the times you get a lot of orders.

Oooor… you can just put your gig delivery time at 3 or 5 days. And say in the gig description “please contact me before ordering the gig” so you can give a CUSTOM offer (which you can control the delivery time) – so if the order is easy to do, you can shorten the delivery time… if it’s harder, then a little extension would suffice…

P.S. Nice gigs!! :slight_smile: I’ve listed it on my favorites and may need your services at some point! :slight_smile:


There’s nothing in the system currently to allow us to extend delivery times - without someone buying gig extra’s.

I had a particular situation this Saturday passed, where I was at my day job and a customer asked me to modify an order - I then noticed I had 4 hours on the clock left but couldn’t physically do the work.

I then communicated with the seller and hit the delivery button - I knew I was able to do that work that night and deliver a modification. I communicated the time frame to the customer and they were absolutely happy and understanding for me to deliver the final product later.

So even though through the system, I had delivered nothing at that time, later on I did. The current system means that when an order is delivered, if the buyer does not hit the “Finish” button - you have a three day grace period, where the system will then automatically deem the job delivered. I do not recommend utilising this feature, without communicating with your customer - as they may feel you are trying to fleece them.

I remember I bought a service through fiverr, was a company logo, and the seller sent me a .txt file saying they needed more info - within an hour to finish - they were trying to fleece me.

Communication of time frames is key and can help you to manage your work and time better.

One thing I started reviewing was the start and finish time of time input into a gig and any modifications done and the time involved. This helped me to build a good understanding of how much time I spend per gig and the average number of modifications - I discovered, that rarely do I need to modify, so as a part of my gig description - I will soon be advertising that for the standard gig, you can have 2 modification requests - this will be clearly displayed. I know that every job is different and with graphics there may come a lot of modifications but at the same time you don’t want to be grinding for $5 and it says something if you’re getting orders right the first time round - use your review’s as a measure !

Hope my post has been helpful.

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Interesting ideas, but Fiverr desperately needs to stop being so greedy and allow us to extend the deadline without charging our customers extra. Things happen, and as long as both buyer and seller agrees to extending the deadline, it should be allowed. I find it ridiculous that we have to charge the customer more for us to take longer… recently I have had this with multiple customers, where they would rather me take an extra day over the deadline but I don’t want to charge them any more.

Please just allow us to send “complimentary” gig extras for free, or some sort of deadline extension feature.


Thanks for your reply it was most helpful.

I retain that it isn’t possible to extend the deadline.

Ok there are workarounds as you described but in my opinion this feature should be implemented.

What would be against it if a seller and a buyer both agree to extend a deadline?

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When ever there is sleep time, tell your buyer about it that you’d be back to the work in morning and deliver a random or even empty file and tell them that you have done this to stop the timer. And also request them to not to request a modification until your morning. And when you would be back to the work, inform them about it. Otherwise they might think that you are cheating them. I don’t recommend this trick but I have used it once when it was 1 hour left to deliver within.

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I’ve been there, so I really understand your frustration. I’ve been doing illustrations for about a year now, I do individuals and groups. The actual problem is that people DON’T READ. I’ve added a gig extra that clearly says “Add one more character” +1 day. and only 1 out of 10 orders actually use it correctly. So it’s clearly a useless option, so I went from 3 days to 5 days for delivery so I can save myself late deliveries.

Here’s a few tips:
1- Explain in your gig description that the delivery time is made for one sketch and if anyone wants to order bulk can request a custom order, where you can adjust your delivery time as it suits you.
2- I’ve seen some sellers use 2 gigs for the same purpose. One for individual orders and one for bulk with different delivery time. you can mention this in your description, and leave a link for the other gig.
3- I used to send buyers a msg once they submit the order. clarifying that my delivery time is not for bulk orders and that their order will be ready in 5 days or a week. So even when I am delivering late orders, buyers are not mad. But since fiverr changed a lot of features I’ve stopped using this.
4- Buyers are very very understanding most of the time. seriously, there’s a lot of people complaining about how bad buyers are here on fiverr. I do get difficult buyers, but the majority are very nice. I have made some late deliveries, and I apologized and they were very cool about it.
5- Finally, when I increased my delivery time I was very afraid that the number of orders are gonna drop. but I was very surprised it didn’t, in fact, since I have 130+ positive reviews on my gig, orders increased. Those who really like your work will order even if it takes long. other than that they can use the express delivery extra.

Hope this helps,


I had a 2 day document formatting job, submitted a draft first day, customer said it looked good but to answer my questions they had to consult with someone the following day and get back to me. Next day, I don’t hear from them. So I messaged them: “I have only 6 hours left to do this gig, please get back to me.” 2 hrs later I messaged them: “I haven’t heard from you, I’m going to do my best and send the file. Please get back to me ASAP.” I sent them the file as a delivery with about 2 hrs left on the clock. This time I was lucky, they liked the work, accepted the file, left a positive review, etc. But with another client it could be less lucky. Another client right now I’m explaining their delivery files, had to re-send some, but thankfully the client & I are working it out off the clock because I sent the file bundle as a delivery and the client hasn’t hit the need revisions button. So the 3-day to completed countdown is still ticking down, but it’s her need for support outside of me getting paid for it – not my files – that are the issue.

I’ve decided that I am going to have to deliver once I feel I’ve completed the task and ask if they need anything else. I’m delivering real work that’s worth the gig, so I’m not trying to fleece anyone. And often it’s a day or more ahead of schedule. But I can’t deliver a draft for input and chance the client sitting around an extra day or two before responding. And I agree about limiting # of revisions. I should make that clear.

Thanks for sharing.

xqggqx said: There's absolutely no reason why Fiverr couldn't implement this simple feature though, in order to save us all this hassle and awkwardness, and keep buyer-seller relationships strong.



Reply to @xqggqx: I totally agree!

Reply to @reviers: $$$. That’s why I accused Fiverr of being greedy.

For me it has damaged some seller-buyer relationships because I’ve had to say to them “you will have to buy this extra to give me more time” (usually because they’ve asked for more revisions, or just because of sleep-times etc.). Otherwise I deliver late and it affects my delivered-on-time rate.

I could really do with this feature being implemented.

Another possible workaround is to offer only a few revisions with your basic gig, and offer more as a $5 gig extra (that come bundled with a +1/+2 day extension). But again that leads to charging the customer extra, when it is sometimes unwarranted to do so.

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Reply to @mariarajput786: I don’t understand why we as sellers – reminder: the people making Fiverr the majority of their money – should have to go out of our way pulling little tricks like this just for my time. This feature would be EASY to implement if only they wanted it to happen and listened to us. I have done this before, but it just screws up my schedule and makes everything awkward.

Stop defending something that’s flat-out redundant. The feature would be easy to implement, and it should be. I see no reason not to implement it, only that it might make Fiverr a bit less $$$ in the short term.

Reply to @tictac7: Thanks I appreciate all the tips. There’s absolutely no reason why Fiverr couldn’t implement this simple feature though, in order to save us all this hassle and awkwardness, and keep buyer-seller relationships strong.

What I do is to ask to mutually cancel the gig, and then I send them a custom order with a more appropriate deadline (that we have agreed on.) I have gig that includes brainstorming. It promises a 2 day deadline, but often it is the the client themselves that need more time. So we cancel the gig, and then I send them the custom order for the maximum timer of 30 days. This way we can work on it at our own pace. Sometimes I do more work, because I have more time, but I have very satisfied clients, and it doesn’t feel lik e more work because I wasn’t rushed. And on more than several occasions, the client will generously tip me for the extra effort and time dedicated. But there is no question that this is a feature that fiverr needs to work on. A way that we can mutually agree to extend an order delivery time.

Does mutually cancelling like this not have an impact on your eligibility for level 1/2/top seller status?

I would highly recommend against this. Sending incorrect or random files could actually be quite confusing to the user and is a direction violation of Fiverr’s terms.

If you are coming up to the deadline, remember there is an additional 24 hour period before a user has the chance to cancel. Even then, as long as you keep them informed they are unlikely to do so.

In regards to the modification request, it doesn’t actually have a deadline which can be cancelled (a countdown clock often shows but it isn’t a real deadline), so it doesn’t matter when they place that request (whether instant, or the next morning).

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As long as the cancellation is mutual, and manually accepted by the receiving party (rather than automatically go through after 3 days), this will not affect your cancellation ratio.

We have been waiting for this feature for a long time. Can any admin put some light on it?

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I have heard some couple of friends say mutual cancellations have negative impact on gigs. Don’t know how true it is.

I think mutually cancellation is best idea, fiverr will not take any bad effect for seller and buyer. If here is totally mutually, so this is not good, it will be best way.